Zodiac Oracle

1.  Aries/Your life and health in general.

2.  Taurus/Financial matters.

3.  Gemini/Short journeys, your kin, and learning.

4.  Cancer/Your mental state (at peace or unstable, generally) and matters of inheritance.

5.  Leo/Children or items that stand in lieu of children for your legacy.

6.  Virgo/Work, labor, and professional matters

7.  Libra/Affection, love, and marriage.

8.  Scorpio/The darker things: sex, death, birth, passion, and psychic ability.

9.  Sagittarius/Long journeys and serious travel',

10. Capricorn/Personal and family honor, aged relatives, responsibility.

11. Aquarius/Your Friends.

12. Pisces/Your enemies, or the paradoxes or self-imposed limitations of your life.



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